Reflex Math ( is a game-based learning platform that helps students become math fact fluent. Reflex games are interactive and fast-paced providing students with a fun and motivational environment to gain math fact mastery starting from the initial acquisition of previously known facts all the way to automaticity. 

As students play the games, they receive rewards and tokens for their effort and progress. Teachers and parents can use Reflex reporting system to track students progress and monitor their fluency gains.

Developing strong math fluency facts is key towards being able to engage with complex mathematical concepts. Math fact fluency, as Reflex Math defines it, refers to ‘the ability to recall the basic facts in all four operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division) accurately, quickly and effortlessly. 

When students achieve mastery (automaticity), they are able to retrieve math facts from long-term memory without conscious effort or attention. Through automaticity, students can devote more time and effort to problem solving and learning new concepts and skills.’
Reflex Math uses a fact family approach that reinforces a wide variety of math concepts including the commutative property and the relationship between the operations. ‘When students understand the conceptual connections between facts, their progress to automaticity is accelerated.’

As a teacher, you can create a class on Reflex Math and add students to it. You can even add additional teachers to your class if you want. You can create and share assignments with your students. You can also invite parents to check on their kids progress by sending them a Reflex Math invitation. Use the Reports feature to monitor students performance and keep track of the class progress.

How does Reflect Math work?

Before students start engaging with Reflex Math games, they first need to stop by Crabby’s Fact Fair to get their math fact skills tested. Dwight, the bunny, oversees the whole process and makes sure students speed and facts are carefully assessed. As students take the tests, Reflex Math recognizes their abilities and adapts its questions based on students skills. 

Coach Penny is there to offer help, introduce new facts and get students ready to play the game. As students play the game, they receive tokens and rewards for both their effort and their progress. In fact, rewarding students for their effort is important as it boosts their self confidence and motivates them to work harder.  

Students can use earned tokens to shop in Reflex Math Store. For instance, they can buy clothes and other accessories to customize the look of their individual avatar and to decorate their Progress Tree.

Reflex Math games

Reflex Math games are different from typical games. Reflex games are highly interactive and fast-paced requiring kids to use their speed and intellect to quickly find answers, make decisions and move to the next level. Games are interactive and competitive and are accessible from the Reflex Island. In order to access the island, students are required to complete a Fact Fair and a coaching session.

When students first enter the Island, they have access to two games: Ninja to the Stars and Winder Rider. These games are unlocked by default. The goal is to successfully complete these games in order to move to the next level and unlock the other seven games including: 

”Alien Sundae: serve ice cream with lots of toppings to hungry aliensBlok Bot: harvest colors with your bot to clear as many levels as you canEgyptian Conniption: fend off encroaching foes with Kitty’s glaring eyes and fast tailFizz Heads: match colors to dissolve fizzy critters before they stack upKirie: collect keys to save Kirie’s animal friends from evil poachersQuickSlither: avoid enemies and grab power-ups with your spaceshipSwamp Chomper: eat as many bugs as you can before your lily pad sinksSQ’World: gather nuts and toys on various worlds before winter arrives”

Students are not required to stick with a single game till the end. They can move from one game to the next as they like. Each game is adapted to individual students needs providing them with individualized and differentiated practice.

Reflex Math students login

Students can login to Reflex Math using the username shared with them by their teacher. They need to select their class, find their name and type in their password. Next, they click on Start and follow the instructions. After logging in students can then create their own avatar and customize it to their liking. 

Reflex Math progress reports

Progress reports are a key feature that allows teachers and parents to monitor students progress, keep track of their performance, and celebrate their success using printable award certificates.


Reflex Math runs on different devices including: PC, Mac, Chromebook, iPad and Android tablets. It is also supported by major browsers such as Firefox, Safari, Microsoft Edge, and Chrome.

How much does Math fluency cost?

Reflex Math is not free. It offers three types of subscription: School Site license ($ 3.295 per school), Teacher license ($35 per student), and Home User license (available at Time4mathFacts). 

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