Slidesgo is a platform that offers a wide variety of free Google Slides and PowerPoint templates. The way it works is simple: search the library, save the ones you like to your Google Slides or PowerPoint, open the saved version to customize and edit them the way you want.

Slidesgo templates are preloaded with a wide variety of graphic resources including editable icons, infographics, maps, and many more.  Many of the Slidesgo templates are free but  free users are required to keep the attribution links  where they are  in the templates.  

Slidesgo also offers a special collection of Google Slides and PowerPoint templates for teachers and students. As a teacher, you can use these creative visual designs for various purposes including to present abstract concepts in simple ways, to clarify hard-to-grasp topics, to simplify complex processes, to provide step by step tutorials, and many more. 

Slidesgo Templates

Slidesgo library embeds tons of professionally designed templates. You can use the search box in the homepage to type in a query or you can use the provided tags to quickly find relevant templates. Tags include Recent, Popular, Education, Business, Marketing, Medical, Multi-purpose, and Infographics. Click on any tag to access the collection of templates it contains. You can further narrow down your search by color, style, license, subject, and formats.

Slidesgo Education Templates

The Education section in Slidesgo features a wide variety of visually appealing Google Slides themes and PowerPoint templates designed specifically for the education community. You can search for educational templates by Grades (e.g., Pre-K, Elementary, Middle School, High School, and University), Subjects (e.g., Geography, Literacy, Physical Education, Chemistry, Biology, Music, Language Arts, Social Studies, Math, History, among others), License (e.g, Free and Premium), and by Formats (e.g., Banner, Instagram post, etc). 

You can also filter your templates search by Style (e.g., Illustration, Picture, Colourful, Cute, Modern, Simple, Doodle, Dark, Cartoon, Gradient, Minimalist,Vintage, Pattern, and many more). Some of the main template categories in the Education section include: Thesis Defense (over 190 templates), Lesson (over 400 templates), Workshop (over 180 templates), and School (over 500 templates).

Slidesgo Infographics

In the Slidesgo Infographics section, you will have access to predesigned and customizable templates for creating timelines, charts (including Bar and Gantt), diagrams, mind maps, calendars, roadmaps, language learning infographics and many more. Use the search filters to quickly locate the infographic templates you want to use on your Google Slides and PowerPoint. You can filter your search by tags (Popular and Recent), by Subjects (e.g., e.g., History, Physics, Emotional Intelligence,Science, Biology, Art, and more), and by License (Free and Premium).

Slidesgo infographics can be easily inserted into Google Slides presentations. Here is how to do it:
First open both your Google Slides presentation and the Infographic template you  downloadedIn the editor of your Slides presentation click to add a new slide or choose an existing slideGo to the Infographic template and copy the design you want to insert into your Slides presentationPaste the copied visual into your slides.

How to Use Slidesgo Templates?

After you have located the presentation template you are interested in, click to open it. From the right-hand side choose whether you want to save it to Google Slides or PowerPoint. For Google Slides users, simply click on Make a copy to open the template in your Slides editor. For PowerPoint users, you will be able to save your  Templates right to your computer where you can open it in your PowerPoint and edit it the way you want.

Sample templates from Slidesgo Education section

How to Organize Your Slidesgo Templates?

One way to have quick access to your preferred Slidesgo templates is to add them to your favourites and organize them into folders. This is only available for registered users and here is how to do it: 

First locate the presentation template you are interested in, hover your mouse over it or click to open it then click on the heart button. The presentation template is now in your Favourite list which can be accessed from your Slidesgo profile page.

You can also easily create folders inside your Favourites to help with ease of navigation. To create a folder, simply go to your Slidesgo profile page, click on Favourites then click on Create new folder button and type in a name for your new folder. To add templates to folders, click on a template, tap on the heart icon and select the folder you want to add it to.

How Much Does Slidesgo Cost?

Slidesgo offers two types of plans: a free and a premium plan. The free plan offers limited features (e.g., 10 templates per month, attribution required). The premium plan offers two subscriptions: a monthly one and an annual one. Premium users enjoy the following perks: full license, priority support, exclusive content, and many more.

Are there similar sites to Slidesgo?

Two great websites that also offer access to free PowerPoint templates and Google Slides themes are SlidesMania and SlidesCarnival.