SlidesMania is a platform that provides access to a wide variety of free editable PowerPoint and Google Slides templates. There are over 200 free templates classified into different categories including: Business, Education, Formal, Fun,  Simple, Professional, By Edu for Edu, Popular and more.

If you haven’t used SlideMania before, this guide is for you. It introduces you to the different resources on Slidesmania and shows you some of the ways to use them. 

How to use Slidesmania templates?

SlidesMania made it super easy to use its templates in your Google Slides or PowerPoint presentations. The process is simple and here is how it works. First, browse through template collections, use the categories in the top bar or use the search functionality located in the top right corner. 

When you find the template you are interested in click to open it. Go through the instructions and watch the accompanied video tutorial (not all templates have video tutorials, though). Scroll down to the bottom of the page where you will find the ‘Download PowerPoint’ button and ‘Open in Google Slides’ button. 

Click on the one you want and follow the instructions. For instance, when you click on Open in Google Slides, you will be directed to the Slides version of the template. Make sure you click on the blue ‘Use Template’ button in top right corner to open the template in Google Slides editor where you can start the customization process. 

SlidesMania Planners

SlidesMania planners offer a collection of beautifully designed templates available for free. Teachers can use them to ‘give structure to their weekly lessons and activities’. Some of the titles that stood out to me from this collection include:

A. Interactive lesson Planner template

Available for free as PowerPoint template and Google Slides theme. Interactive lesson planner allows you to create interactive presentations that embed a wide variety of multimedia materials including links, images, videos, and text. This template is ideal for creating presentations for blended learning or remote learning settings.  

B. File cabinets interactive template

This interactive file cabinets template is available for free for PowerPoint and Google Slides. The template is made up of a number of drawers each one of which contains 4 file folders. Click on any of these folders  to access its files. 

As for how to use this template, SlidesMania stated that it can be used “as a weekly planner and add 4 activities per day, or you can change the labels on the drawers and use it for different topics for professional development sessions, lessons or even as a choice board (students can choose 1 or 2 folders -activities- from each drawer) or whatever you can think of! The sky is the limit!”


SlidesMania Choice Boards

SlidesMania Choice Board, as its name indicates, features choice board templates that you can use for various educational purposes.  An example of a choice board template I liked in this collection is titled Interactive choice board template. This interactive choice board template is available for free as PowerPoint template and Google Slides theme. It is also fully customizable: you can add or delete slides, change icons, insert image backgrounds, and more.

SlidesMania Notebook templates

SlidesMania Notebook templates section features several free digital notebook style templates that you can use in your own teaching and professional development. All of the templates are editable and are available for both Google Slides and powerPoint.  

Some of the digital notebook templates included in this section include: Digital Notebook with Tabs and Free Stickers, My Index Notebook, Yearbook template, Digital Ring Binder template, My Mini Journal, My Notes Digital Journal template, and many more.

SlidesMania Professional Templates

This set of templates is designed with a professional flair and are intended for professional events such as PDs, academic vivas, etc. These templates are provided for free and you can use them in your Google Slides or PowerPoint presentations. Among the featured titles in this category are: Howard Free Professional Slides, Reed Business Presentation template, Ellis Formal Presentation template, Free Medical Slides theme, and many more.

SlidesMania How-To’s

The How-To’s section in Slidesmania features a collection of practical tips, tutorials, and step-by-step guides to help you make the best of Google Slides in your presentations. Some of the things you will learn from these resources include: how to add placeholders for images in Google Slides, how to use Mote to record audio directly in Google Slides, how to embed a slideshow within a slideshow, how to create a Google Slides template, and more.

You can also browse  ‘By Edu for Edu‘ collection to access templates designed by educators. for educators.

As for licensing, Paula, the site’s owner,  stated the following:

You can modify them to fit your needs, use them at school or education center. You can also use them at work for a presentation and if you have to present a session, you may use them as well. You just have to keep the SLIDESMANIA.COM text on the side of the slides and credit other external resources included. 

Click here for more on SlidesMania’s templates license.

Are there similar sites to SlidesMania?

Two great websites that offer free PowerPoint templates and Google Slides themes are SlidesCarnival and Slidesgo.