Slido is an online tool that enables you to make interactive presentations and meetings.  It allows you to run live polls and add interactive quizzes and surveys to your presentations. 
Results of your polls can be displayed live as you present. Slido is great for remote meetings, virtual events, all-hands meetings and many more. Slido works with several presentation and video conferencing tools including: PowerPoint,  Microsoft Teams, Google Slides, PowerPoint, and Webex.

If you are a fan of Google Slides you can use Slido‘s add-on to  host live polls, quizzes and Q&A without having to leave Google Slides. Everything is seamlessly integrated to give you a better presentation experience.  Watch this video to learn more about how to use Slido to create interactive presentations on Google Slides. 

What interactive features does Slido offer?

Slido offers various features to help you create interactive and engaging presentations. Some of these features include:
1. Q&A sessions
Slido drives participants’ engagement by allowing everyone including shy individuals to share their voice and ask questions. They can even pose their questions anonymously and vote for questions they like. You can run live Q&A from your favourite tool (e.g., Webex, PowerPoint, Teams, or Google Slides). 
Here is how to use Slido to collect questions for your Q&A sessions: First create your Slido and invite participants to join via code or link. Next, allow individuals to send and upvote questions they want to hear answered then show the questions live on the screen. 
Slido lets you moderate questions before sharing them live. You can even invite colleagues to take part in moderation. All questions are automatically saved to your Slido account where you can download and export them for further analysis.
2. Polls
Slido offers a live polling tool that enables you to run interactive presentations and meetings. It is simple and easy to use and no downloads are required. Slido supports various types of polls including : multiple choice, word cloud, quizzes, rating poll, open text, and ranking poll. Participants can vote from any device using a link or QR code and the results can be displayed in real-time. 
Use Slido Analytics to analyze the results of your polls and export them in the format of your choice (e.g., PDF, Excel, or Google Sheets). Using Slido add-on you can easily add polls directly to PowerPoint slides, Google Slides presentations, and to your Microsoft Teams meetings.
3. Live Quizzes
The quiz feature in Slido allows you to add interactive live quizzes and trivia games to your presentations. You can either run live quizzes as a stand-alone activity or throughout your presentation. Additionally, Slido offers various features to make your quizzes more engaging including a timer to set a time limit to answer questions, a quiz generator to help you come up with ideas and questions, and many more. You can either design your quiz from scratch or use one of the pre-made quiz templates. You can also run quizzes on tools such as PowerPoint, Google Slides, Teams, and Webex.


What is Slido Analytics ?

Using Slido Analytics you will be able to collect insights regarding the performance of your presentations. For instance, You can find out the number of people who engaged with your questions, learn which questions resonated with your audience, which topics were popular in a word cloud, view all of your poll results, see detailed analytics by individual rooms, access an overview of all evets under your account, and many more. 
Slido also allows you to export gleaned feedback and responses in different formats including PDF and Excel. You can also generate visuals from your collected data and share them with your participants through email or on social media. 

How much does Slido cost?

Slide offers four plans: a basic free plan with limited features and three premium plans. The free plan supports up to 100 participants, 3 polls per event, and unlimited audience Q&A. For more features and perks you need to upgrade to either Engage plan ($10/month), Professional plan ($30/month), or Enterprise plan ($150/month).
Alternatives to Slido
Some of the best alternatives to Slido include Pear DeckCanva, Edpuzzle, and Google Slides.