SolveMe is a math resource I discovered through a blog post from Tcea which I am adding to our math resources section here in Educational Technology and Mobile Learning. SolveMe engages students in hands-on math learning experiences using the educational power of puzzles to help them develop key mathematical skills. The site offers three main sets of puzzles: MysteryGrid, Who Am I?, and Mobiles.

To solve MysteryGrid puzzle, you need to arrange all of the tiles in the corresponding rows and columns in such a way that the tiles fit the clues. “Clues may consist of inequality symbols between grid-squares or number/operation pairs that indicate the number that must be the result of combining all the tiles in that section (called a cage) using the indicated operation”

The Who Am I puzzles are “fun at a variety of mathematical levels. Clues support learning about place value, even and odd, inequalities, multiples and factors, divisibility, primes, squares and roots, algebraic expressions, and factoring. Players use mathematical clues to determine the digital of a mystery number.”

The Mobiles app provides a host of colorful puzzles designed to help “algebra and pre-algebra students as well as puzzle-lovers of all ages establish and strengthen the logic of solving equations for unknown values.”