Sporcle is an online trivia and quiz platform featuring tons of fun and engaging games. Sporcle quizzes are arranged into various categories including: Geography Quizzes, Music Quizzes, Movies Quizzes, Sports Quizzes, History Quizzes, Literature Quizzes, Science Quizzes, Language Quizzes, and many more. 

Sporcle also enables you to create your own quizzes to share with others or to embed on your class blog or website. You can make your quiz private in which case it will not be shown in search or on your profile. You can still share the link of your private quiz with friends, play it, and see results. You also have the option to create playlists on Sporcle and save your quizzes in a single place. 

You do not necessarily need an account to play Sporcle games, however, having an account will enable you to track your game plays, view your best scores, create quizzes, earn badges, comment on and rate games, follow users, and get email alerts for new games. 

If you want to infuse your class instruction with a dose of fun and game-based learning, Sporcle is definitely a resource you need to keep in mind. However, some of the games (and content) in the website are not age appropriate and therefore discretion is required.

Types of quizzes to create on Sporcle

Sporcle allows you to create various types of quizzes including:
Classic quiz: Players type answers to written questions.Clickable quiz: Players select answers to questions from the area below the questions. The game does not require using the keyboard.Grid quiz: Allows users to create crossword puzzles, Sudoku, and several other games played on a grid.Slideshow quiz: This is a quiz ‘where players typically identify people, places, or things in a series of images, or in some cases, answer questions about those images’.Multiple choice quiz: Players select an answer among a set of options.Picture box quiz: Players are provided with a number of images in grid format and they need to type answers that match the images.Map quiz: Players type answers that correspond to locations on a map.Picture click quiz: Using questions and hints, players click on different regions in an image.

How to create a quiz on Sporcle?

To start creating your first quiz on Sporcle, you need to log in to your account then head over to Game Creation Center and select the orange button labelled Create a Sporcle Quiz. Next, provide a name for your quiz and choose the quiz type you want to create and click on Create Game. 

In the Game Info, tab you will be able to edit your quiz the way you want. For instance, you can edit the title and description of your quiz, set a Game Timer that presets how much time it would take for participants to complete the quiz, and more. Watch this video to learn how to create quizzes on Sporcle.

Sporcle quiz playing modes

Sporcle offers two main multiplayer trivia formats: Showdown and Challenge. In showdown games players compete against each other in real time and whoever has the highest number of correct answers wins. To start a showdown simply click on the ‘Find Opponent’ button on most quizzes. You can also invite friends and showdown against them or you can visit Showdown Hub to find players to play against. 

A challenge is also a competitive quiz playing on Sporcle but unlike Showdown, in a challenge players play the quiz at their own time and whoever completes the quiz with the highest score wins. 

Is Sporcle available as a mobile app?

Sporcle offers a number of trivia and quiz apps for mobile users including: Sporcle App (iPhone/iPad and Android), the Sporcle Party app which is great for holding trivia party with friends (iPhone/iPad and Android), and the Word Ladder App (iPhone/iPad and Android).

How much does Sporcle cost?

Sporcle offers both a free plan with limited features and a premium plan (called Sporcle Orange) which costs $4/month or $44/year. The premium version offers advanced features such as extra filters to quickly find quizzes, view detailed ratings of any quiz, access to more quiz analytics, ad-free browsing, and many more.

Alternatives to Sporcle
If you are looking for alternatives to Sporcle you may want to consider Factile, Riddle, Jeopardy Labs, and several other game-based learning tools.