It is about the time of year that Christmas magic is upon us. Indeed, during the last couple of years and more specifically since the outbreak of the pandemic, Christmas started to acquire a more digital character with Santa taking some of its fun to the cloud. In this spirit and to make the digital Santa happier, I went ahead and compiled for you some of the best Santa apps out there.

You can use the apps for various purposes from arranging virtual video Calls with Santa Claus to watching countdowns to Christmas with beautiful backgrounds and soothing classical Christmas music in the background. These Santa apps will definitely amplify your Christmas magic this year.

1. PNP – Portable North Pole

Surprise your kids with a video call from Santa and record their real-time reaction. Portable North Pole (PNP) allows you to do that and more. PNP is actually one the most popular Santa apps for personalized video calls from Santa. PNP’s Reaction Recorder allows you to capture your kid’s reaction to Santa’s call and turn it into a picture-in-picture video to download and save as a Christmas memory. There is also the family option that lets you receive video calls of Santa addressing the whole group. Portable North Pole offers Magic Pass subscription which lets you access premium video calls and several exclusive features.

2. Santa Tracker

Santa Tracker is one of the most downloaded Santa tracker apps in the app store. As its name indicates, you can use the app to track the arrival of Santa. The app is kid friendly and offers various features including the ability to see your house on the map, where is Santa Claus right now? What is Santa doing right now? How long until Santa comes to your house? and many more.

3. Message from Santa

Message from Santa allows you to create personalized video messages and phone calls from Santa Claus and share them with kids and loved ones. You can choose from three individualized video messages featuring your kids’ details including their name and photo. You can also set the app to receive a phone call from Santa mentioning your kid’s name , age and interests. Other features provided by Message from Santa include Santa tracker, hear the names of Santa’s reindeer, countdown to Christmas, the ability to record voicemail messages for Santa, and many more.

4. Video Call Santa

Video Call Santa is another good Santa app that offers video calls from Santa. You can use it to plan an interactive video call from Santa to your kid. During the call, Sanra asks your kids about their names and whether they have been behaving or not. The app also allows you to make outgoing calls to Santa anytime you want. You can record your conversations in video and protect them using a passcode. You also have the option to save and share the recordings of your kids video chat with Santa .

5. Christmas Countdown

The Christmas Countdown app allows you to track the countdown to Christmas to the second. It offers numerous time modes such as “counting down the number of total weeks, nights, hours, minutes, total seconds or heartbeats until Christmas”. As you watch the countdown, you can select among 6 characters to keep you company. These are Santa Claus, Snowman, Christmas tree, Reindeer, and Skater.

6. How the Grinch Stole Christmas

How the Grinch Stole Christmas, Dr Seuss classic, is brought to life using interactive and playful animations and activities. Kids can tap and drag to uncover amazing surprises throughout the book. There are 28 hidden games in the book and several fun activities for kids to search for and find. While kids engage with these games, they get to develop their vocabulary and enhance their reading skills. Popular games in the app include Memory Match, Jigsaw Puzzle, Word Search, Sequence, and more.

7. Yasa Pets Christmas

Yasa Pets Christmas is “a fully interactive dollhouse where you will find the magic and excitement of Christmas morning every time you visit”. Some of the features provided by Yasa include playing with three generations of the family, opening presents under the Christmas tree, enjoying festive Christmas dinner with the family, having fun chatting with family members by the fireplace, and more.

8. Christmas Countdown

The Christmas Countdown app does just that, counts the days till Christmas. The app makes use of a fun snowy countdown with classic Christmas music playing in the background. You can watch the falling snow on the countdown screen and open “a new gift every day of December in your advent calendar! You’ll get a beautiful Christmas themed HD image which you can set as your wallpaper, as well some other ideas to help you get in the Christmas mood”.

9. Word Crush Christmas

Word Crush Christmas is a word game by Mediaflex. Your task is to “guess the words shown in the correct way and correct order to clear the grid and move on to the next level – think carefully and make each swipe count!” It is so much fun to play. You can play it with kids and family members. Compete to beat each other’s score and learn new vocabulary items while playing.

10. NORAD Tracks Santa Claus

NORAD app is another popular Santa tracker app to use on your mobile device to follow the countdown to the start of Santa’s Yuletide journey. NORAD also features a wide variety of Santa games, engaging stories, interactive activities, and many more.