Beat Saber’s next music pack will bring one of the most influential names in electronic music to the game’s library of downloadable content: Daft Punk.

Go back to some of Daft Punk’s earliest albums and you might find yourself saying “this doesn’t sound so special, I hear stuff like this all the time.” Well, the reason it might not sound so special is because Daft Punk’s works have been so influential to modern electronic music that you can hardly find any that doesn’t include at least some of the group’s essence.

It’s fitting, then, that one of electronic music’s biggest influences is now about to find its way into one of VR’s most influential games.

While we don’t yet know the full track list or price, the Daft Punk music pack for Beat Saber has been announced with an official release date of March 7th.

“Daft Punk has been hands-down one of the most requested artists from fans to add to the Beat Saber lineup,” Meta said in the announcement.

And it’s not just because the group’s music has that four-on-the-four thump that really feels great for slashing virtual cubes, but there’s undeniable aesthetic influence between Daft Punk’s Tron-like glow and Beat Saber’s neon-drenched vibe. And I mean, come on, the group’s signature helmets are as iconic as their music—they know what it’s like to wear something on your head when you’re having a good time. This crossover could hardly be more fated.

And speaking of Tron, we’d absolutely love to hear some tracks from Daft Punk’s musical score of Tron (2010). Considering the additional licensing complications as a soundtrack for a Disney film, however, we’re not holding our breath. But maybe developer Beat Games will throw us a bone and make the music pack’s background environment particularly Tron-esque?

For the Daft Punk fans out there, what track do you most want to see included in the Daft Punk music pack for Beat Saber?

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