In today’s post I’ll be sharing with you some of the best smartwatches for kids. These devices not only teach children about time management, but they also offer a range of interactive learning games, fitness tracking, and provide a safe way for parents to stay connected with their children.

Whether you are a parent seeking a useful tool to assist with your child’s learning and safety or a fellow educator searching for innovative edtech recommendations, this guide is for you. Join me as we delve into the world of kids’ smartwatches, and let’s discover together which device will best suit the needs of your young learner.


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Best Smartwatches for kids

Here are our top picks for best smartwatches for kids:

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1. Smart Watch for Kids by Berolina

The Smart Watch for Kids by Berolina is an excellent gadget for children. It is designed not just as a timepiece, but as a learning and entertainment hub for kids. What sets it apart from the rest is its array of innovative features such as Audiobook, Time Teacher, Sound Teacher, Habit, and Camera Sticker.

This watch is not only packed with the traditional watch functions like cameras, games, and music, but it also includes a bunch of new features that keep kids engaged and help develop good habits.


Smooth touch screen with high-definition interface

8 interesting audiobook stories and 15 puzzle games

Innovative features including time teacher, sound teacher, and habit tracking

Parental control settings for usage and game time management

Functions such as torch, time tools, calculator, calendar, setting, wallpaper, video, and photos

Sticker camera feature for interactive photography experience


Versatile: Packed with multiple features beyond just timekeeping

Educational: Introduces new learning tools such as time and sound teacher

Fun: Offers 15 puzzle games for entertainment

Control: Provides parental control for managing usage and game time

Habit-Forming: Encourages good habit formation with reminders for daily tasks and activities


Might be a bit complex for younger kids to understand and use all features

Battery life might be an issue with extensive use of games and other features

2. VTech KidiZoom Smartwatch

The VTech KidiZoom Smartwatch is an impressive piece of technology specially tailored to the tastes and needs of children. The design is stylish and kid-friendly, with a splash-proof wristband that fits kids’ wrists comfortably. The watch boasts a plethora of features that allow kids to take quality photos, videos, and selfies, and play exciting games.


Stylish, kid-friendly design with a secure, splash-proof wristband

Capability to take quality photos, videos, and selfies, with customization options using funny filters

Monster Detector game, providing an AR experience that allows capturing of monsters in real-life

Motion sensor for active play challenges, and also functions as a pedometer

Option for parents to safely share photos and videos by uploading them to a computer

Free games, watch faces, and camera effects available from Learning Lodge


Fun and Educational: This smartwatch doesn’t just tell the time, it offers games and activities that teach children while they play

Customizable: Children can take their own photos and videos, and customize them with filters

Safe: Parents have full control over sharing the pictures and videos the watch captures

Durable: The splash-proof design makes this watch suitable for kids’ everyday play

Fitness Tracker: Includes a pedometer that can encourage children to be more active


Charging: Can only be charged using the Micro-USB cable connected to a computer, not using a third-party adapter

Limited App: The Silly Me app for photo customization could have more features or options

The VTech KidiZoom Smartwatch is the perfect blend of education and entertainment. It encourages creativity with its photo and video features, promotes physical activity with its motion sensor and pedometer, and provides fun with its various games. The watch is also safe and easy to control for parents. Despite minor limitations in charging options and app features, this smartwatch is an excellent investment for your child’s learning and enjoyment.

3. Cubitt Jr Smart Watch

In the world of smartwatches for kids, the Cubitt Jr Smart Watch stands out with its distinctive combination of smart functions, fitness tracking, and safety measures. This watch provides a variety of features that cater to the interests and needs of kids, promoting healthy habits while keeping them entertained. The large, 1.4-inch IPS color touch screen and the unique custom displays contribute to a seamless user experience that makes the device appealing to kids.


Large 1.4-inch IPS color touch screen with adjustable brightness and automatic lighting upon lifting the wrist

Smart functions including body temperature monitor, 8 fun games, 10 daily alarms, password-protected watch lock, call notifications, and social media alerts

All-day fitness tracking that records steps, distance traveled, calories burned, and active minutes across 6 sports modes

Heart rate and sleep monitor that provides data on sleep depth, duration, and wake-up times

Easy app pairing with iOS and Android devices, and a durable battery life of 5-7 days of working time and 10-15 days of standby time


Versatile Functions: Offers an array of smart functions and games to keep kids engaged

Fitness and Health Tracking: Tracks daily activities and monitors body temperature, heart rate, and sleep

Parental Control: Allows parents to set a lock for the watch with a password and control the content their child views

Premium Display: Large IPS touch screen with adjustable brightness and custom displays enhances user experience

Extended Battery Life: The watch features a good battery life, reducing the need for frequent charging


Limited Compatibility: Requires iOS 10.0/Android OS 5.1 or above to pair with devices

Complex Setup: Some parents might find the setup and pairing process a bit complicated

In summary, the Cubitt Jr Smart Watch is a remarkable product that provides various smart functions, fitness tracking capabilities, and entertainment options, making it a perfect gift for kids. Despite the minor drawbacks such as the need for updated device compatibility and a somewhat complex setup, it’s a smartwatch that certainly delivers value for its price.

4. JrTrack 2 SE Smart Watch

Designed with children’s safety and parents’ peace of mind at its core, the JrTrack 2 SE from COSMO Technologies is a well-rounded kids smartwatch that incorporates communication, location tracking, fun, and security into a stylish and kid-friendly package. It’s a full-featured GPS smartwatch that’s an excellent smartphone alternative for kids aged 5-12, providing a range of functions like calling, text & voice messaging, GPS tracking, camera, pedometer, and more.


4G kids smartwatch with a range of features including calling, text & voice messaging, GPS tracking, a camera, and a pedometer

Comes with a required pre-installed SIM card and operates on the COSMO Family Safe service plan

Provides a safe connection for kids, featuring 3-point verification GPS tracking, SOS alerts, and more

Allows two-way 4G calling & text messaging via the Mission Control Parent app

Kids will enjoy the front-facing camera for taking pictures & recording videos, voice recorder, and custom wallpaper backgrounds


Integrated Safety Measures: Provides parents with peace of mind by offering GPS tracking, custom safe zones, and SOS alerts

Comprehensive Functionality: Comes with 4G calling, texting, a camera, and a pedometer, making it a practical smartphone alternative for kids

Parental Control: Allows parents to approve contacts and protects against internet browsing, social media, unknown contacts, and adult content

Reliable Customer Service: COSMO provides a friendly and available customer service team to assist with any concerns


Relatively Low Customer Rating: With a customer rating of 3.7 out of 5 stars, some customers might have found issues with the product

Monthly Service Plan: Requires the purchase of a COSMO Family Safe service plan which may be an additional ongoing cost for some families

In conclusion, the JrTrack 2 SE Smart Watch is a robust all-in-one device designed to keep kids safe and parents connected. While the service plan might represent an additional cost, the range of features and the level of security it provides could make this smartwatch a worthwhile investment for families.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why should I consider a smartwatch for my child?

A smartwatch for kids is more than just a watch. It comes with various features that are beneficial to your child’s safety and learning. From GPS tracking, making calls and sending texts to educational games and health tracking, these devices are designed to be both fun and functional.

2. Are smartwatches for kids safe?

Generally speaking, smartwatches for kids are designed with safety in mind. Many have built-in safety features like GPS tracking, geo-fencing, SOS alerts, and controls that allow parents to limit who can call or text their child. Always ensure to buy from a reputable brand and read product reviews before purchasing.

3. At what age is it appropriate for my child to have a smartwatch?

Most smartwatches are designed for children aged 5 to 12 years. However, this can vary based on the complexity of the watch and the individual maturity level of your child. Always check the manufacturer’s age recommendations.

4. Are these smartwatches water-resistant or waterproof?

Many kids’ smartwatches are water-resistant or waterproof, but the level of protection varies. Some watches can withstand splashes or brief immersion in water, while others can be worn while swimming. Check the product description for details.

5. How long does the battery last on kids’ smartwatches?

Battery life varies from model to model. Some smartwatches can last up to a week on a single charge, while others may need to be charged daily. Again, check the product details for this information.

6. Can my child make phone calls or send texts with these smartwatches?

Yes, many kids’ smartwatches have calling and texting capabilities. Some require a SIM card and a service plan, while others use Wi-Fi or Bluetooth to connect to a parent’s smartphone.

7. Do all smartwatches come with a GPS tracker?

Many, but not all, kids’ smartwatches come with a built-in GPS tracker. This feature allows parents to keep tabs on their child’s location. Make sure to confirm if this feature is available in the model you’re considering.

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