Valve Index users looking for a device specifically designed to cut the headset’s tether may be interested to hear that a new startup is looking to do just that with a Wi-Fi 6E transmitter.

The company claims it achieves the “lowest latency wireless video on the market,” which it says works in up to a 5m × 5m (15ft × 15ft) play area.

Taking to Reddit, Nofio additionally claims its device will be able to do “less than 5ms” of latency, which the company says it was able to achieve in larger test area of 5m × 10m (15ft × 30ft).

Image courtesy Nofio

Nofio says the base transmitter connects via the existing OCuLink connector, and that its on-device proprietary compression helps it achieve such a low latency.

The creators promise a 2+ hours battery life with the supplied battery pack, which is about in line with standalone headsets such as Meta Quest 2 and Pico Neo Link 3. The device is able to support other USB-C battery packs however, so you could either choose a larger capacity battery or simply keep multiple batteries at the ready for longer playsessions.

Image courtesy Nofio

For now, the device only supports SteamVR on Windows, however the creators are hoping to bring Linux support as well at some point.

And why Wi-Fi, and not a solution such as WiGig as with HTC Vive Wireless Adapter?

“We have a 60GHz wigig solution, and there are serious issues with line-of-sight and wireless range,” Nofio says. “We believe the Wifi solution gives a much better experience.”

Preorders are set to launch through Kickstarter sometime in August, with an estimated delivery window of Q1 2023. Pricing is slated to be between $399 and $499, Nofio says, which will likely position it as an enthusiast-level piece of kit.

Granted, if you already own the full $1,000 Valve Index package, which includes headset, Index controllers, and tracking base stations, you might already consider yourself a VR enthusiast.

We’re still hoping to learn more about Nofio when the company launches its Kickstarter. In the meantime, you can sign up for updates on the Nofio website.

Check out Nofio in action below: