Walkabout Mini Golf (2020) developers Mighty Coconut launched the long-awaited course based on the classic adventure game MYST (1993), bringing 18 easy and 18 difficult holes to the game.

Update (November 16th, 2022): Myst fans have been able to play the original game in VR since Cyan released the VR-compatible refresh back in 2020, letting you dive into the ’90s adventure game in a new way. Now you can revisit an admittedly lower-poly version that seems to be filled with interesting Myst-style gadgets and traps, which were the result of tight cooperation with Myst developers Cyan.

The studio also threw out a new launch trailer (embedded below) in addition to a quick behind the scenes video. You can find Walkabout Mini Golf over at the Quest Store for Quest 2 and at Steam for PC VR headsets.

The original article announcing the Myst course for Walkabout Mini Golf follows below:

Original Article (April 6th, 2022): Mighty Coconut says it’s releasing the 36-hole VR course in Walkabout Mini Golf sometime in Fall of 2022, releasing on Meta Quest, Steam, and what it calls “forthcoming VR platforms.”

The studio says the MYST course will feature “immersive gameplay with realistic physics, and iconic settings, objects, and the spirit of puzzles from the Myst saga,” and will be “vivid, challenging, puzzle-filled, and beautiful.”

Image courtesy Mighty Coconut, Cyan

This isn’t the first time MYST takes a dip into virtual reality. Cyan has been a pioneering developer in the medium since the beginning, having not only brought original puzzle adventure Obduction (2016) to the first generation of consumer VR headsets, but also MYST itself to Quest and PC VR headsets in mid-2021.

“Our generations of players have discovered the starkly beautiful and now iconic Myst island, so it now only feels natural that we open this virtual mini golf attraction where fans can connect and explore,” said Hannah Gamiel, Development Director at Cyan. “People will be able to explore the world the Miller brothers, Robyn and Rand, created, and have friends from all over the world join them in the fun—all around the whimsical game of mini golf.”

Like all of its mini golf courses, Walkabout Mini Golf: MYST will include support for single-player and four-player multiplayer. It’s said to include 18 easy mode and 18 hard mode holes, contain 18 lost balls to collect, and what the studio calls a “fox hunt scavenger expedition” along with a collectable commemorative putter.