Amazon Kindle Kids is definitely an excellent product that has been under my radar for the last few months. Now that I have a chance to test it and experience its workings firsthand, I’m thrilled to share with you my insights.

What is Amazon Kindle Kids?

Amazon Kindle Kids is a dynamic, customizable platform designed specifically for children, providing an exciting range of books, videos, apps, and games. Not only does it offer an educational and engaging space for kids to explore, but it also equips parents with unparalleled controls to curate a safe and productive digital environment for their children.

Amazon Kindle Kids Features

Amazon Kindle Kids offers a range of amazing features that make it a standout in the realm of digital learning. First and foremost, parents can share content from their Amazon library and filter it for age-appropriateness, ensuring that your child is engaging with content that is not only suitable but also educational and fun.

Furthermore, you can set screen time limits, educational goals, manage web browsing, and in-app purchases, making Amazon Kindle Kids an ideal tool for managing digital consumption and cultivating healthy tech habits.

One aspect of Amazon Kindle Kids I particularly appreciate is the Parent Dashboard. Through this, parents can monitor their child’s activity within their Amazon Kids profile. You can modify web browsing behavior, providing access only to preapproved websites and web videos. This transparency fosters trust and assures parents that their child’s online time is beneficial and secure. It’s also important to mention the excellent value proposition of Amazon Kids+.

Amazon Kids+ subscription is designed for kids aged 3-12, offering unlimited access to thousands of books and hundreds of audiobooks. This comprehensive subscription promotes a love for reading and helps establish healthy reading habits. However, Amazon Kids+ is available to customers in the US, UK, Germany, Canada and Japan.


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In terms of hardware, the Kindle Kids is purpose-built for reading, eliminating distractions from apps, videos, or games. The high-resolution, glare-free display ensures sharp text and images, while the adjustable front light and dark mode make reading comfortable, day or night. A single USB-C charge can last up to 6 weeks, perfect for on-the-go learning.

As an educator, I’m pleased to see the addition of tools like Vocabulary Builder and Word Wise. These features assist young readers in enhancing their reading skills and conquering more challenging books. There’s also an option for OpenDyslexic, a font that is favored by some readers with dyslexia. It’s heartening to see the thought put into inclusivity and accessibility.


Amazon has gone the extra mile with their 2-year worry-free guarantee. If the device breaks, they will replace it for free, providing an added layer of security and peace of mind for parents. The device also includes a durable cover available in various kid-friendly designs, ensuring the Kindle stays safe from inevitable mishaps.

Technical details such as the e-paper display technology with built-in light, 16 GB storage, and support for 2.4 GHz and 5.0 GHz networks all contribute to making the Kindle Kids a robust, user-friendly, and intuitive device for children.

Amazon Kindle Kids Limitations

While Amazon Kindle Kids provides a plethora of benefits, it is important to consider some of its potential drawbacks as well. For starters, the platform is only available in select marketplaces, which may limit its reach for some users. The experience and features might also vary depending on the device used, which could lead to inconsistency. After the first year, the Amazon Kids+ subscription automatically renews at a cost of $4.99/month plus applicable tax, an ongoing expense parents should be aware of.

Lastly, certain accessibility features such as VoiceView are currently not supported on Kindle Kids, which may present challenges for some users. Despite these cons, it is worth noting that Amazon continues to make improvements and updates to address these issues and enhance user experience.

In summary, Amazon Kindle Kids is a tool that encapsulates the needs of the modern learner. It combines the benefits of digital learning with crucial parental controls, making it an invaluable asset in our children’s learning journey. As an educator, I couldn’t recommend it more for fostering a love for reading, enhancing learning, and ensuring safe and engaging digital exploration for children.

FAQs on Amazon Kindle Kids

Here are some frequently asked questions on Amazon Kindle Kids as featured in its homepage:

Q1: What is the Parent Dashboard?
A: The Parent Dashboard is a feature in Kindle Kids that allows parents to manage and monitor their child’s usage. Parents can adjust age filters, add books to their child’s library, and view their child’s reading progress, among other things. It’s a great tool for making sure your child’s Kindle Kids experience is safe, age-appropriate, and enriching.

Q2: What books are available in Amazon Kids+?
A: Amazon Kids+ offers an extensive range of books suitable for various age groups. The collection includes the complete Harry Potter series, the first book from other popular series like Artemis Fowl, and more. The catalog is continuously updated with top titles and newly released books. Children can search for specific titles and authors or browse through various themes such as Popular Books and New Books.

Q3: How can I access even more books?
A: Amazon Kids+ automatically filters the content your child sees based on their age, providing access to books over a range of reading levels. If you wish to expose your child to a wider selection of titles, you can adjust the age filter in your child’s profile settings via the Parent Dashboard. Moreover, parents can purchase additional titles from the Kindle Store and add them to their child’s profile.

Q4: How is Kindle Kids different from a tablet?
A: Kindle Kids is specifically designed for reading. Unlike tablets, it features a black & white glare-free display and offers up to 6 weeks of battery life. It’s distinct from a tablet in that it’s solely focused on reading books—there are no apps, videos, or games that might distract your child.

Q5: Will my kid see ads while using this device?
A: No, Kindle Kids is set up to provide an ad-free experience for your child. However, please note that if you exit Amazon Kids using a passcode, sponsored screensavers will be displayed on the device’s lockscreen.

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