As an experienced educator and EdTech blogger, I know first-hand how essential the right resources can be in shaping a student’s academic journey. That’s why I am thrilled to introduce you to Amazon Prime Student.

This membership program is specifically designed for higher education students, offering a suite of benefits that can greatly enhance their academic and personal experiences. From speedy delivery on necessary supplies to access to vast libraries of movies, music, and games, the advantages are plentiful and the costs are affordable.

What is Amazon Prime Student?

Amazon Prime Student is a membership program created specifically for higher education students. This membership offers a six-month trial period during which students receive all the benefits of Amazon Prime. Following this trial, the Prime Student membership offers a discount on the standard Amazon Prime, coupled with exclusive student deals and discounts.

What are the Benefits of Amazon Prime Student?

The benefits of Amazon Prime Student are extensive and varied, catering to both the academic and personal needs of a student. They include:

Fast, Free Delivery: This service allows students to receive millions of items at their doorstep quickly and without any additional delivery charges.

Exclusive Deals: Students get access to exclusive deals from top brands, contributing to considerable savings.

Early Access to Lightning Deals: With this feature, students get a 30-minute head start on select Lightning Deals on Amazon.

Prime Video: Students have unlimited streaming access to thousands of movies and TV shows.

Amazon Music Prime: A library of over two million songs is available for streaming.

Amazon Photos: Students get free unlimited photo storage.

Prime Gaming: This offers exclusives and free in-game loot for gaming enthusiasts.

Ultrafast grocery delivery from Amazon Fresh and Whole Foods Market in select cities.

How Much Does Amazon Prime Student Cost?

Amazon Prime Student is a budget-friendly solution for students seeking Prime benefits. It is available at $7.49 per month or an annual fee of $69.

Remember, after four years, or at the end of your studies, the Prime Student membership converts to a regular Prime membership at the end of the membership year for the annual fee applicable then.

Amazon Prime Student combines an impressive array of benefits designed to make student life more convenient and enjoyable. Considering the wide range of services offered, this membership is truly a value for money proposition for students.

Can anyone use Prime Student?
No, Prime Student is specifically designed for registered higher education students. You need a valid .edu email address or proof of enrollment in a recognized college or university to qualify for this program.

How does Prime Student work on Amazon?
After you sign up and verify your student status, you receive six months of Amazon Prime benefits free. Following this trial period, your Prime Student membership gives you a discount on the standard Amazon Prime cost, along with exclusive student deals and discounts.

How long can you have Amazon Prime Student?
You can retain your Amazon Prime Student membership for four years or until you graduate, whichever comes first. After this period, your membership will convert to a regular Amazon Prime membership.

How do I get rid of Prime Student?
To cancel your Prime Student membership, go to ‘Your Account’, click on ‘Memberships & Subscriptions’, find ‘Prime Student’ in the list, and follow the on-screen instructions to cancel.

Can I share the Amazon Prime Student in a household?
No, unlike the regular Amazon Prime membership, Amazon Prime Student cannot be shared with other members of a household. The membership is tied to the student’s Amazon account and is for their exclusive use.

In conclusion, Amazon Prime Student is a dynamic program that offers higher education students a wealth of benefits. Its extended free trial and discounted rate make it an affordable solution for students seeking a one-stop shop for entertainment, fast shipping, and exclusive deals.

Not only does it make life on campus more convenient, but it also enhances students’ leisure time with a wealth of streaming options. Whether you need speedy textbook delivery, a movie night distraction, or just to keep your music playlist fresh, Prime Student has got you covered.

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