The long-awaited VR mod for World of Warcraft (2004) is here, bringing full PC VR support to players grinding the vast lands of Azeroth.

Created by Flat2VR community members ‘Streetrat’ and ‘Marulu’, the long-time modders have finally brought full 6DOF VR support to World of Warcraft in the aptly named WoVR mod.

According to the Github, where you can download WoVR for free, it also includes directional audio, synced eye rendering, the ability to switch between third and first person, motion controls and a floating UI.

While couched as an “experimental release,” WoVR aims to add PC VR support to 3.3.5a, the last patch of the second expansion of the game.

Take a look at it in action below:

“This mod is a experimental release intended to be played seated with VR motion controllers. Currently we do not have plans for active continued development, if there is enough support and interested from the community we could look into first person mount visibility and player character IK,” the creators say.

It’s been a long road to get there too. WoVR has been in on and off development for over the past ten years, as it was originally conceived on the original Oculus Rift DK1 back in 2013.

“In January 2024 after a 4 year long hiatus we decided to restart development from scratch with everything we learned from creating XIVR,” the creators say. “This mod not only converts the game to be playable with motion controllers but also aims to add quality of life improvements from FF14.”

The modders are also known for having brought a similar VR mod to MMO Final Fantasy XIV (2010), which was initially released in 2022.

If you want to grab the WoVR mod, you can either do so by following the Github link above, or by visiting the Flat2VR Discord (invite link) where you can find precompiled versions for easier installation.

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