After we learned about the 10  lessons you can create using Google Docs,  in today’s post I am sharing with you this collection of Google Forms-based lessons and ideas that you can use with your students in class. In these lessons, students will get to learn how to use Google Forms to accomplish the following tasks: create a form to ask for feedback, create quizzes, create a guessing game, and build an order form. 

All of these lessons are provided for free by Applied Digital Skills by Google for Education and they come accompanied with detailed lesson plans, rubrics to help you evaluate students work, and  video tutorials explaining the different parts of the lesson.


This video lesson introduces students to the concept of feedback and teaches them how to use Google Forms to create and share feedback forms. Ask for Feedback seeks to achieve the following objectives: “Create a Google Form to make a feedback form; choose and share an already-completed project with feedback partners; ask specific questions in feedback form; choose a format for each question; choose settings for feedback form; and send feedback form.” 

As students complete the lesson, they get to practice the following digital skills:”Create a new Google Form; add questions to Google Form; choose formats for questions, including multiple choice, check box, linear scale, short answer or paragraph answer; select settings for Google Form; use Preview Mode vs. Edit Mode; and send a Google Form”.

In this lesson, students learn how to create digital quizzes using Google Forms. More specifically, students will get to learn how to: “start a new form and change its settings to quiz,  add various questions types, how to create an answer key and assign point values for each quiz question, add short answer and paragraph questions to their quiz, customize their quiz with a theme, add images to their quiz, and how to analyze the quiz data using the charts in the responses section of the quiz”. 

In Create a Guessing Game, students learn how to use Google Forms to create guessing games  that involve sharing a personal question and challenging peers to answer it. By the end of the lesson, students will be able to: create a quiz in Google Forms and add questions, answers, and answer keys to a form. They will also get to practice the following digital skills: “create a form, type in a form, format text in a form, and add image to a form”.

In this video lesson, students will learn how to use Google Forms to create order forms to use for various events ‘like a school function or a community fundraiser’. By the end of the lesson students will be able to accomplish the following objectives: “design a digital form, determine the information needed from a customer to complete a transaction, and use email to communicate with customers”. 

As students complete the lesson, they will get to practice the following digital skills: “Add questions and response choices to a form; change the theme and background color in a form; link their email to a form; and measure responses using email.”