TypeRacer is a free online multiplayer typing game that helps users develop their typing skills through racing competitions. There are three different ways to play this typing game: multiplayer, singleplayer, and play with friends. Users are not required to register. They can simply click on the green button and enter a typing race against random opponents. 

Players are provided with various textual prompts that they need to type correctly and quickly. Each racing text users type is a quote from  books, movies, and songs. At the end of each typing race, users discover which quote they have typed, their overall scores (e.g., speed, time, and accuracy), and highest scores of other typists who have typed the same quote.

What is TypeRacer School edition?

TypeRacer School edition offers additional features specifically designed to help students improve their typing. Some of these features include a private space for students that is accessible anywhere anytime with Internet connection, no advertisements, only age-appropriate materials are featured, no email address required, and more. 

TypeRacer School edition also enables teachers to control the racing text to be played by students. Teachers can either use pre-created texts by other teachers or create their own. Teachers can also control access to students private environment. 

As a teacher, you can create your own TypeRacer Racetrack and invite your students to join the typing challenge. Students can play against each other or you can split them into teams (for help use random group generators and random name pickers) and have each team play against the other. When they are done, you can view and share their scores, discuss their typing errors, and encourage them to practice more in order to develop good typing habits.

How to play TypeRacer?

There are different modes to play on TypeRacer. These are:

1. Multiplayer:

Multiplayer is a competitive mode where you get to play against random opponents from all around the world. You are provided with typing prompts and you are supposed to type them correctly and quickly. When you make mistakes you need to erase them and retype them correctly. The fastest typist wins. Anyone can play the Multiplayer mode without the need for registration.

2. Singleplayer (Practice Mode)

In Singleplayer mode you compete against yourself. This is especially helpful if you want to self-evaluate your typing speed and accuracy without the stress of being in a competition. To start playing in Practice mode, click on the blue ‘Practice Yourself’ button from the homepage to start a new session. Start typing the words displayed in the text box. The goal is to type the words correctly including punctuations, spaces, and proper capitalization.

Once you finish your typing race you can view an overview of your scores including speed score (WPM) and accuracy score. You can also access Typing Review which is a great feature that allows you to view a recorded replay of your race. You are also provided with a graph to visual your analytic data including number of mistakes, speed, etc. 

3. Play with Friends

In Play with Friends mode you get to create your own racetracks and invite your friends to play with you. You can race up to 200 friends in your racetrack. Here is how it works: First click on the purple Race Your Friends button from the homepage, copy the generated URL to share with others or click on Email this URL button to share it in email. Once your friends join the race, you start the typing race.  

How much does TypeRace cost?

TypeRacer offers two subscription plans: A free plan and a premium plan for $12 per year. The latter offers extra features including special premium avatars, upload your own pictures, customize your profile, ‘save your best scores on practice mode for targeted practice, export race history for tracking/analysis’, no ads, and more.

Alternatives to TypeRacer

Some very good alternatives to TypeRacer that students can use to learn and develop their typing skills include: Nitro Type, Keybr, 10 Fast Fingers, Typing Club