Apple probably didn’t actually design its pricey Vision Pro case to be impervious to getting run over by a car. But at least for one thankful customer though, it seems the official carrying case was well worth the extra cash.

At $200, the official Apple Vision Pro Travel Case isn’t exactly the best deal out there, since Vision Pro can technically fit into a vast array of VR headset cases already on the market.

Still, one Reddit user is probably pretty happy they chose the premium option, which Apple seems to have actually undersold in its spec sheet; it only lists some generic facts about its material and design.

It’s got a ripstop outer shell, polycarbonate protective structure, microfiber inner lining, and retractable handle—no mention of its ability to protect Vision Pro in the event of being run over by a 4,290 lb (1,940 kg) Toyota SUV.

Image courtesy gxace

In a Reddit post, user ‘gxace’ recounts exactly that after having forgotten their Vision Pro on the ground while loading other things into a Toyota FJ Cruiser. As seen above, security camera footage caught the scene as it happened.

“I guess the case was worth it after all. No visible cracks on the AVP. Haven’t turned it on yet, but just shocked it didn’t break,” gxace says. “The case seems relatively fine too, but a little warped on one side and of course the tire treads haha. Crazy.”

Image courtesy gxace

On closer inspection, the user reports in a follow-up comment their Vision Pro indeed actually still works.

“Ok! So there was some damage. The face pad thing got bent a little. Pretty nuts. Just booted it up and it works fine. The case got slightly deformed on the inside but you cannot tell from outside, aside from the tread marks.”

A few scuffs and slightly bent facial interface is a pretty excellent result for having nearly demolished a $3,500 device, which could cost you a couple thousand dollars to fix or replace if not covered by Apple Care.

Granted, that’s not to say Apple’s official Vision Pro Travel Case will do the same for you. Judging by the security camera photo, it looks like there was a fair bit of deformation that could have obliterated the headset were the tire closer to the center of the case, which likely would have flattened it substantially more.

But hey, at least the outer glass is still in good shape—something a lot of users can’t say even after having babied the headset.

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