Schell Games, the studio behind the I Expect You to Die VR puzzle series, showed off more of its upcoming VR game which is all about slaying vampires—and of course the ever-looming threat of a jumpscare if you fail.

Coming in 2024 to Quest, the new trailer finally shows off some gameplay of Silent Slayer: Vault of the Vampire, which the studio initially announced back in June during Meta’s Quest Gaming Showcase.

Releasing on Quest 2/3/Pro, in Silent Slayer players become vampire slayers and are tasked with quietly eliminating an ancient vampire clan before they wake. Players must carefully dismantle their coffins’ defenses using various tools, creating the perfect opportunity to plunge a stake through the heart of undead foes.

The studio says both silence and precision are key, as one wrong move and the fanged monsters will rise, immediately draining the player’s life force.

You can now wishlist Silent Slayer: Vault of the Vampire. The studio hasn’t mentioned a specific release date, saying only that it will come to Quest in 2024.

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