Where is Santa Claus right now? What is he doing? How long will it take him to come visit us?…These are all recurring questions you will be getting from your kids during this season, questions that add to the lovely experience of Christmas. While it is always great to provide answers and partake in kids’ joy as they impatiently await for Santa’s arrival, you can also use the apps below and let them do part of the job for you. And yes, they can do it perfectly well.

These are some of the best and reliable Santa Tracker apps out there. They provide accurate tracking information and offer simple and intuitive set-ups that you will enjoy. My favorite in the list is Google Santa Tracker which does not only track Santa but also offers a wide range of Santa themed games and interactive activities to educate kids (and adults) on different topics related to this festive season.

1. Google Santa Tracker

Google Santa Tracker is Google’s official Santa tracker. Besides the countdown to Santa’s arrival, Google Santa Tracker also offers a large collection of interactive games and fun activities to keep kids entertained during the season.

Some of these games include: Learn to code with Santa’s elves, discover holidays around the world, Santa themed drawing games, Christmas storybooks, and many more. Google Santa Tracker also has a number of Google Assistant Santa activities such as the North Pole Newscast, Call Santa, and Santa Jokes.

Google Santa Tracker is available for free as a web tool and Android app. For iPhone and iPad users, the only way to use Google Santa Tracker is to open it in your mobile browser. There is no iOS app.

2. NORAD Tracks Santa Claus

NORAD app is another popular Santa tracker app to use on your mobile device to follow the countdown to the start of Santa’s Yuletide journey. NORAD also features a wide variety of Santa games, engaging stories, interactive activities, and many more.

3. Christmas Countdown

The Christmas Countdown app by Jack McLean allows you to track the countdown to Christmas to the second. It offers numerous time modes such as “counting down the number of total weeks, nights, hours, minutes, total seconds or heartbeats until Christmas”. As you watch the countdown, you can select among 6 characters to keep you company. These are Santa Claus, Snowman, Christmas tree, Reindeer, and Skater.

4. Christmas Countdown

The Christmas Countdown  app by Jupli does just that, counts the days till Christmas. The app makes use of a fun snowy countdown with classic Christmas music playing in the background. You can watch the falling snow on the countdown screen and open “a new gift every day of December in your advent calendar! You’ll get a beautiful Christmas themed HD image which you can set as your wallpaper, as well some other ideas to help you get in the Christmas mood”.