In a previous post I discussed the importance of comic strips in education and provided one example of an easy tool students and teachers can use to create their own comic strips. In today’s post, I am sharing with you this awesome application that allows students to turn their ideas into creative 3D  cartoons. 
Toontastic 3D, from Google, is an Android and iOS app that  students can use to draw and animate their owns cartoons. “It’s as easy as play. Just move your characters around on screen, tell your story, and Toontastic records your voice and animations and stores it on your device as a 3D video.”

Using 3D drawing tools, students can create characters, customize existing characters, and change settings. They can also add their faces to their characters and give their cartoons a personal touch. Each cartoon can  embed up to six scenes. Once their cartoons are ready, they can save them on their device or to their photo library. 

Toontastic 3D is free to use and does not require any  registration. Better yet, the app works offline with the exception of the ‘Idea lab’ feature which is only accessible through Internet connection.

As for its use in education, Toontastic 3D can be used for various educational purposes. For instance, it can be used in digital storytelling projects, in writing book reviews, in writing biographies, historical re-enactments, vocabulary practice, to enhance communication skills and many more. Watch the video below to learn more about the app.